Most Affordable CBD Oils for 2019 [With Comparison Calculator]

Looking for affordable CBD oil drops? We’ve got you covered with this complete guide.

You may already know that cannabidiol, or CBD, can be a great part of your daily wellness routine. But you may have also noticed one area where CBD oil often doesn’t promote a healthy balance: your wallet.

In fact, this liquid gold is often priced as if it were…well, actual liquid gold. So, does affordable CBD oil exist? And where can you find it?

We’ve tested hundreds of CBD oil products, and we’re here to tell you that not all CBD tinctures come with an exorbitant price tag. In fact, a few of our most highly rated brands also offer the most affordable prices.

Are you ready to find a CBD oil that won’t leave your bank account in critical condition?

Read on for our guide to some of the best values on the CBD market. We’ll compare prices, give you some insider advice, and help you find the best deals.

But first, let’s take a look at some of our team’s top recommendations for affordable CBD.

Most Affordable CBD Oils for 2019

Infinite CBD: CBD Oil Droppers

Ingredients: Coconut oil, CBD isolate

Price: $0.03 per milligram CBD

Potency: 166.67 mg CBD per mL of product

With the rock-bottom price of $0.03 per milligram of CBD, this tincture from Infinite CBD came in at the very top of our list of the best CBD oil values.

And if you want to enhance the benefits of CBD through the entourage effect, Infinite CBD also offers the option to customize their THC-free isolate droppers with the terpene blend of your choice.

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PlusCBD Oil: CBD Oil Drops

Ingredients: Hemp oil, olive oil, peppermint oil, monk fruit, silica, monolaurin, quillaja saponaria, ascorbyl palmitate, alpha tocopherol, water

Price: $0.06 per mg CBD

Potency: 12.5 mg CBD per mL of product

PlusCBD Oil is a major player in the hemp and CBD industries. They offer a large catalog of products made from high-quality European hemp, and they offer them at reasonable prices.

This tincture is made with Plus CBD Oil’s distilled CBD extract, so you won’t find the bitterness that tends to come with other full-spectrum CBD tinctures. And it’s perfect if you have a sweet tooth. That’s because it’s sweetened with monk fruit, which is 300 times sweeter than sugar.

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CBDistillery: Full Spectrum Tincture

Ingredients: Coconut MCT oil and extracted hemp oil

Price: $0.06 per mg CBD

Potency: 166.67 mg CBD per mL of product

CBDistillery has a loyal following for their consistent products and excellent value. This tincture is a great choice if you’re looking for a high-potency, full-spectrum tincture.

And with their dizzying selection of products, you can get a great deal on just about any kind of CBD product that is currently on the market.

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Head + Heal: CBD Oil

Ingredients: Coconut MCT oil and CBD hemp oil

Price: $0.06 per mg CBD

Potency: 12.5 mg CBD per mL of product.

With Head + Heal, you get a full spectrum CBD tincture with a mild, natural flavor. And you get it at a very fair price, from a brand that controls its product from seed to sale.

That’s because it’s made by an organic veggie farm in upstate New York, which grows its own hemp using organic practices.

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Most Affordable CBD Oils: Price Comparison Table

Each of the products above went through the same rigorous testing that we use for our CBD oil ranking. This included blind taste testing, secret shopping, and a thorough evaluation of each brand’s user experience.

But we know that you’re here because you don’t just want a quality products and a pleasant shopping experience — you want a fair price, too. So, check out the table below to see how each of the brands in this ranking stacked up when it came to the price per milligram of CBD.

Brand Price per mg CBD Retail price Product Potency
Infinite CBD $0.03 $160.00 Isolate Droppers 5000 mg/30 mL
Lazarus Naturals $0.04 $125.00 High Potency Oral Tincture 3000 mg/60 mL
PlusCBD Oil $0.06 $41.95 Extra Strength Gold Formula 750 mg/60 mL
CBDistillery $0.06 $155.00 CBDrop Full Spectrum Oil 2500 mg/30 mL
Head + Heal $0.06 $77.00 CBD Oil 1200 mg/30 mL

How to Compare CBD Oil Prices

When we look at the concerns that CBD consumers express most frequently, price is right up at the top of the list. But when you’re checking out the CBD tinctures for sale on the market, the sticker price on the bottle isn’t necessarily the best indication of value.

So what’s the secret to getting a great deal on CBD oil? You have to look beyond the number on the price tag, and instead compare the cost per milligram of CBD.

It’s often the case that products that seem more expensive are actually higher in potency. And when you crunch the numbers, a more potent product is likely to give you a better bang for your buck.

So, how can you figure out the price per milligram of CBD in a product? Well, we’ve created a handy calculator to help you compare any two CBD tinctures (it also works well for other types of products, such as CBD vape oils).

CBD Oil Price Comparison Calculator

Use the form below to compare any CBD oil products. Just enter the label details from one or more oils, and our calculator will automatically generate the potency and price per milligram of CBD so that you can see a side-by-side comparison.

Is it Safe to Buy Cheap CBD Oil?

CBD prices can vary wildly, and it’s often hard to figure out what you’re really paying for. Are the brands that charge premium prices really manufacturing safer and more effective products?

Fortunately, we’ve found that some of the most trustworthy CBD brands also offer great values. And sales, subscription discounts, or coupon codes can offer additional savings.

So, how can you tell whether you’re getting a good deal or just a deal that’s too good to be true? Follow these three tips to make savvy CBD shopping decisions.

Buy from a trusted seller

Because the FDA isn’t yet regulating the hemp CBD market the way it does many other products, there are some unscrupulous people and companies out there selling adulterated or counterfeit CBD oils, or even passing off hemp seed oil as CBD.

If you find a well-known brand at a much lower price than usual, there’s a chance that it’s not the real thing. Or even worse, that it’s been contaminated with other substances.

The safest way to buy affordable CBD oil is to buy it directly from a reputable brand. And if you would rather buy from a brick-and-mortar store, try to find a shop that focuses on CBD.

More risky shopping choices can include convenience stores and online auction sites. A general rule of thumb is to avoid any seller that makes it hard for consumers to trace the product’s source.

Check the source

Industrial hemp plants are often used to clean up land which has been contaminated with chemicals or heavy metals. That’s because it’s a bioaccumulator a plant that absorbs whatever is in the soil.

Unfortunately, some products on the CBD market are made from hemp grown in China, which may contain a variety of contaminants.

That’s why it’s important to look for CBD products made from hemp that is grown using rigorous standards. The highest quality CBD oils tend to be made from hemp sourced from the United States or Europe. And if the grower has organic certification, that’s an even better indication of quality.

Most reputable CBD companies are transparent about where they get their hemp extract (some even grow their own to make sure they can control the quality).

If you can’t find this information on the company’s website, their customer service representatives should be able to help (if nothing else, they should be able to give you the state it comes from, like California or Colorado). And if they won’t give you that information, it might be a good idea to pass on purchasing that brand.

Look for third-party lab reports

As the public becomes more educated about CBD, it’s becoming more and more common for brands to post third-party lab test results for their products on their websites.

These can be simple cannabinoid potency tests that show whether the product has as much CBD as it’s supposed to, or they can be extensive analyses that test for everything from pesticide residue to heavy metals.

The brands that are leading the industry in the direction of greater transparency are making comprehensive third-party test results available for every batch of every product.