Is this CBD Legal? Find out how to spot Legal CBD

Millions are opting for THC-Free Cannabis Oil over conventional medicine to treat themselves. The success of cannabinoids has spread like wildfire, and has helped tremendously to de-stigmatize the plant.

While Cannabidiol oils with THC are only available for medical marijuana patients in legal states, many studies have confirmed THC free CBD to be just as effective to source and treat a variety of problems. It’s been found that pure CBD oil from hemp has helped eplileptic patients, diabetics, insomniacs and more. One of the most important factors when choosing a quality CBD oil is making sure that it’s legally extracted.

What should you look for on the bottle?

  • Hemp production is evolving. The vehicles to consume the plant already include edibles, terps, capsules, teas, and coffee. Don’t prioritize the variety of product when looking for your treatment, but rather look at how the products are being manufactured.
  • Other countries like Russia and China grow hemp in bulk and export it to the United States. However, the United States government has only approved formulations using industrially grown hemp under The Farm Bill Act passed in 2014. Be cautious of manufacturers who are not transparent about their hemp growing process. Make sure the provider grows their hemp in the United States.

How to Spot Legal CBD

  • If a company’s prices are unusually low, this may be a sign that their hemp is imported.
  • Make sure to take a visit to the review section of a provider’s website. See what their customers think about the product, and read some of their testimonials.
  • If you reside in an illegal state, double and triple check that the formulation has <0.0mg THC.

As with any medicine, the CBD product you decide to purchase should be thoroughly researched. While CBD as a whole is breaking ground as an effective natural remedy, not every company in the industry is selling the same product. Look out for the possibility of illegal hemp, bad reviews and product with false labels.