How is Green Roads CBD Legal?

When you’re considering whether or not to buy CBD oil online, you may ask yourself about its legality due to the confusing statements of the DEA. Because of this, many are skeptical about the legality of cannabidiol. Therefore, we decided to clear up the air (no pun intended) by breaking down the major factors that come into play for CBD’s legality.

It all begins in the plant’s makeup. As you know Cannabinoids have two famous components, THC and CBD. Of which, the former has psychoactive properties which by law any level past the threshold of .03% makes it illegal. Thus, the legal CBD must be extracted in such a way that it contains less than .03% of THC. Making it non-intoxicating, and acceptable by the United States. 

That’s not all, other factors come into play when it comes to our legal CBD. Here at Green Roads, we are proud to bring you legal CBD to all 50 states and that is also thanks to the 2014 Agricultural Farm Bill.

2014 Farm Bill Is The Key Qualification for Green Roads Hemp

According to the Farm Bill passed in 2014, the state department of agriculture are given permission to grow or cultivate industrial hemp under two conditional programs. The first condition states that the hemp should be cultivated to conduct research under its pilot program, and the second is to grow or cultivate industrial hemp “allowed under the laws of the State in which such institution of higher education or State department of agriculture is located and such research occurs.”

Green Road’s Raw CBD hemp extracts fall under these categories as Universities and our scientists alike are continuously conducting research on industrially grown hemp making it 100% legal.

All Products Are Entirely THC Free

By the mixture of the two factors stated above, Green Road’s high-quality products are able to be delivered right at your doorstep. The 2014 farm bill, and our trusted scientific production of hemp extracts which are completely THC free.

There you have it! We felt that there was a lot of confusion rising amongst our users when it came to the legality of our products. So, we wanted to reassure our Green Roads community that you are able to browse and order our products with freedom and peace of mind.