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Yummie CBD Gummies

Take your daily CBD with a smile! These vegan, gluten-free CBD gummies are perfect for everyone on any diet. Simply take one gummy per day to enjoy the benefits of 20mg or 30mg of CBD without any THC. For a stronger dose and a little extra organic cane sugar sweetness, enjoy another CBD gummy in the afternoon.

Unlike other brands that use industrial hemp, which carries a small percentage of THC, these CBD oil gummies are lab-tested to ensure that there’s absolutely no trace of THC. The best CBD gummies have 0% THC with absolutely no psychoactive symptoms.

In addition to pure cannabinoids from hemp, these light, chewy gummies are also a source of vitamin C for an immune boost. The lightly sweet, fresh flavor in every gummy bite comes from all-natural flavors, including tapioca syrup, grape juice concentrate, black carrot juice, and turmeric.

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CBD oil gummies Ingredients:

20mg-30mg of CBD per gummy (600mg-900mg per bottle)

Organic cane sugar

Organic tapioca syrup

Organic grape juice concentrate


Citric acid

Organic black carrot juice concentrate

Organic turmeric

Organic annatto

Natural flavors