CANVIVA: Natural, Pure, Effective Full Spectrum CBD (Review + 2019 Coupon!)

One of the first things we noticed about CANVIVA (aside from their awesomely appealing packaging) was how committed to quality they really seem to be. 

On the homepage of their website, you’re immediately offered the assurance that they care about the quality of their product. 

CANVIVA knows you want a brand you can trust, as well as CBD products that are pure and effective. 

Remember, the CBD industry is still largely unregulated. Unfortunately, there’s quite a few CBD companies that don’t exactly offer the quality product they claim to. CANVIVA isn’t one of them. 

Here’s what CANVIVA co-founder Dave Rye had to say:

“As a new category with hundreds of brands, retailers and consumers are appropriately concerned about the quality and safety of CBD. We are the only brand to carry the PURE CERTIFIED CBD™ seal which goes beyond industry standards for safety criteria, including CBD oil source and country of manufacture.  We third party test each batch of product and post results on the CANVIVA website so consumers can be assured that the products they purchase deliver exactly what is claimed.”

What exactly is the PURE CERTIFIED CBD seal? 

When you click on the link on the CANVIVA website, it simply takes you to their “About” page. 

We did find in our C4Life review, however, that under the previous name CANVIVA is now operating under, the seal guarantees that “from soil to certification” that their CBD oil is: 

  • Made from US-grown organic hemp
  • Non-GMO
  • Extracted with food-grade ethanol
  • Full spectrum
  • Free of pesticides, residual solvents, and impurities
  • Less than 0.3% THC

Does the same hold true for CANVIVA? 

We’re assuming it does. 

What high-quality products is CANVIVA initially offering? 

Let’s take a look.