510 Vape Battery | Cheap Vape Battery

510 Thread Battery

Variable voltage preheating vape batteries are the IDEAL battery when using THICK extracts. And if you want to get a better pull than some older versions.

Preheating function warms the oil before use. In this case, tap the button twice for a 15 second preheat.

The battery capacity of 400mah.



  • Battery capacity: 400mah
  • Battery core: HGB Battery
  • Thread:510
  • Dia:11.2mm length:87mm
  • Charge voltage: 4.2V
  • Protection: short circuit/overcharge/overtime
  • Preheating time: 15s


  • Five Rapid clicks to turn ON/OFF.  And two Rapid clicks to preheat while Three Rapid clicks to adjust the voltage
  • Button LED light indication: GREEN 2.6v, BLUE 3.3v, RED 4.0v, Preheating Mixed lights.

vape battery


Package includes:

-One Vape Battery

-One USB Charger